08:00 AM – 06:00 PM (Central Time), Dec 2, 2022

Event   Time
Openning Remarks Organizing Team 8:00-8:15am
Invited Talk Weinan E 8:15-9:10am
Invited Talk Shuiwang Ji 9:10-10:05am
Coffee Break - 10:05-10:15am
Invited Talk Maria Schuld 10:15-11:10am
Invited Talk David Baker 11:10-12:05pm
Poster Session   12:05pm-13:00pm
Contributed Talk DiffDock: Diffusion Steps, Twists, and Turns for Molecular Docking 13:00-13:10pm
Contributed Talk An “interpretable-by-design” neural network to decipher RNA splicing regulatory logic 13:10-13:20pm
Contributed Talk FALCON: Fourier Adaptive Learning and Control for Disturbance Rejection Under Extreme Turbulence 13:20-13:30pm
Contributed Talk Structural Causal Model for Molecular Dynamics Simulation 13:30-13:40pm
Contributed Talk Structure-Inducing Pre-training 13:40-13:50pm
Panel Discussion Panelists: Peter Lee, Sara-Jane Dunn, Arvind Rajpal, Alexander Rives, Matt Welborn
Moderator: Max Welling
Coffee Break - 14:55-15:10pm
Invited Talk Jimeng Sun 15:10-16:05pm
Invited Talk Tess Smidt 16:05-17:00pm
Closing Remarks Organizing Team 17:00-17:10pm
Poster Session   17:10-18:00pm